What we sell and wear/use!

Black Canvas Utilikilt

We carry the original utility kilt, the Utilikilt. Made in Seattle since 1999, in our opinion these are the finest casual kilts ever. https://utilikilts.com/

Fancy Leather boots

A sixth generation family business, Son of Sandlar has been making Ren Faire boots since 1989. https://www.sonofsandlar.com (Not available at all events)

Creator and designer of the Original UKoala Bag (pronounced YOU-Koala Bag), UUBgear provides secure comfortable storage, for hiking, biking, festivals and more! https://uubgear.com

Extraordinary Socks, Inclusive Sizing For All!

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Sock Dreams has been selling socks and accessories online for over twenty years! It is our mission to create extraordinary socks in an inclusive sizing range, because everybody deserves to have their dream socks. https://sockdreams.com

Our Belts are custom made for us by Chris at SilverLeaf Leather. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Silverleafleathers